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Hollywood, California 90038
Tel: 323.785.1550
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Chainsaw Sycamore

1114 North Sycamore Ave.
Hollywood, California 90038
Tel: 323.785.1550
Fax: 323.785.1456

Chainsaw Support

Our tech staff is here 24/7 for our customers. If you need help call us at 323-328-1610


Offline editing is the process of taking hours of footage and creatively editing them to tell your story...more info


Once editorial is done, we uprez your material so that it can be presented at it's best quality...more info


To sweeten any project to it's maximum potential, you'll want our colorists to take your footage to a new level with Baselight...more info

Visual FX

Sometimes a trap door just doesn't close fast enough on a set and you lose the magical feeling that comes with it. That is where our Visual FX team steps in...more info


If you need logos, transitions and lower thirds or maybe interactive web or mobile design, Chainsaw's Graphics department can take your project from concept to fruition...more info


If you crash, we got you. Chainsaw's Support department is here to answer any and all of your tech needs...more info