Visual FX & Graphics

If a trap door on set fails to close quite fast enough, our visual effects team can step in and restore the magic. Our Flame operators apply the digital wizardry necessary to enhance production elements, address problems, and create entire visual effects from scratch. From skillfully applying digital make-up to placing actors on the bridge of a starship in deep space, our visual effects team is expert at making your imagination come to life on screen.

If you need logos, transitions, and lower thirds, interactive web or mobile design, Chainsaw’s Graphics department can take your project from concept to fruition. Using the latest 3D and motion graphics solutions, we can make sure that your project will shine

Our graphics department offers complete, concept-through-delivery solutions for logos, transitions and lower-thirds, as well as interactive web and mobile design. We employ the latest 3D and motion graphics solutions to produce stunning design elements and get them to air quickly.